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Michael Huens – Bio

20170610_184315Michael Huens was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. After attending
the University of Texas, Michael moved to Los Angeles. He has worked
as a Producer on films such as Anthony Onah’s Sundance/IFP Lab drama
The Price, Stephen Townsend’s horror movie Iris, Jamal Hill’s inner
city drama Brotherly Love released through Freestyle, Alex Merkin’s
action film Percentage, Alex Merkin’s thriller House of Bodies, Lily
Mariye’s drama Model Minority, which won the Golden Ace Award for Best
Nevada Film at the Las Vegas Film Festival and the Audience Choice
Award at the Asian American Int’l Film Festival and, which has shown
at the Las Vegas Film Festival, the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival and
the Asian American Int’l Film Festival, Tim Ramos’ Native drama
California Indian which premiered at the LA Skins Fest. He also worked
with Chris Eyre on his epic drama A Thousand Roads, which premiered at
the Sundance Film Festival and screens exclusively at the
Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian.  Michael also
helped produce Sonya Gay Bourn’s comedy Sweet Union, which screened
the River Run, Bend, Reel Women Int’l and Valley Film Festivals. He
also worked on Jane Clark’s timely drama Carrie’s Choice which
screened at the Northhampton, D.C. Independent and Bare Bones Film
Festivals.  Michael also helped produce Eriq La Salle’s thriller Crazy
as Hell, which was the Opening Night Attraction at the Pan African
Film Festival and screened at over 13 Worldwide Film Festivals before
being released through Artistic License theatrically and
Blockbuster/DEJ in other media.  He also worked with the Polish
Brothers, Michael and Mark, on their road movie Jackpot, which won the
prestigious Independent Spirit Award for Best Picture and also, the
Seattle Film Festival Award for Best Picture before being released by
Sony Classics theatrically.  Jackpot was the first HD feature ever
released in the United States.  Michael also produced the romantic
comedy Not Again!, which was featured at the Wine Country Film
Festival. Other films Michael has done include the sci-fi Chronos.  He
has also produced theatrical trailers for films such as Ron Howard’s
How the Grinch Stole Christmas and, Fire in the Sky.

Michael’s television work includes producing Showtime’s Compromising
Situations and USA Network’s Teenage Alien Fighters as well as the MOW
of Discovery Channel’s Motorcycle Mania III.  Michael has worked on
over 200, working on all over the world. His commercial stints include
being on staff at Creative Alliance, Boyington Productions and
Brainstorm Creative and, working with other companies such as RSA, 40
Acres and a Mule, DunkPunk, Frontline, Rosetti and Dentsu Prox among
others. The directors Michael has worked with include Spike Lee, Kinka
Usher, Paul Boyington, Kirsten Cavendish, Marcus Nispel, Dale Fey,
Kevin Dole, Dean Cundey, Marty Callner, John Mark Robinson and
Dominick Rossetti. The client list for commercials and other media
includes Gillette, Nissan, Ford, Microsoft, Southwestern Bell, Target,
Sprite, K-Mart, Taco Bell, Epson, Johnson & Johnson, Universal
Pictures, McDonald’s, Toyota, Coor’s Beer, Ricoh, Paramount Pictures,
Minolta, MTV, World Wildlife Fund, 9/11 Fund, LA Regional Food Bank,
Intel and many others. He has also been a featured speaker for Panel
Events concerning Independent Film at Film Independent in Los Angeles,
The Univ. of Oklahoma and Loyola Marymount University. He has been
written up in Post Magazine for his knowledge of Post. He has also
served as a juror at the Woods Hole Film Festival.